02-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

happy not your presidents day hillary clinton
nigerian jussie smollett cnn glasses white with maga hat
rich poor people coffins my daughters first boyfriend dexter body
i piss off 3-4 people a week you gotta bump those numbers those are rookie decaprio mcconahey
fakest crimes the oscar nominees nathan phillips jussie smollett christine blasey ford
trump how many socialists leave us for socialist country to escape capitalism ill wait
cory booker no meat for you
democratic socialism where everything is free except you
remember when obama shoved obamacare down our throats enjoy your wall
jeff bezos aborted nyc amazon deal just before birth cuomo understands
kamala harris hillary clinton so there i was arriving under sniper fire
national emergencies declared by obama compared to trump

Tweets of the Day

2019 hoaxes tweet aoc dancing cohen maga kids jussie smollett 6 weeks in
michael manker tweet jussie smollett liberals want blacks to be attacked

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