02-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

another photo of jussie smollett attackers milli vanilli girl you know its true
nancy pelosi prepared to challenge trump national emergency in court kavanaugh remember me
leftists deleting jussie smollett tweets sponge bob
newly discovered jussie smollett security footage boot
nasa sending astronauts invented 165 pen russians use pencil taxes due in april
cavemen newly released pictures of future after green new deal ocasio cortez
constitution written to stop people like pelosi schumer ocasio cortez
six presidents we have border crisis trump lets fix pelosi schumer manufactured
trump declares 2nd national emergency to help those melting down over first one
ocasio cortez green new deal republicans sending valentines flowers
ocasio cortez who needs amazon jobs when green new deal pays for doing nothing che

The Enemy Within Has Never Been More Powerful

never in my wildest imagination did i ever think wed have fight own country for security of own country

Tweet of the Day

omar speaking at islamic relief usa terrorist financier zero business on house foreign affairs committee

Quote of the Day

winston churchill when muslims in minority concerned with rights when in majority no rights

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