02-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jared subway jussie have footlong in my jail cell with your name on it
even if trump does nothing more than keeping hillary out of office should be on mount rushmore
hated obama because he hates americ you hate trump because you hate america
trump colluded with russia 2016-2019 no evidence cnn
deep state lied about trump investigation fake news media wants him to trust you
faking a hate crime should be prosecuted as hate crime change my mind
donald trump 4 million jobs gained ocasio cortez 25000 jobs lost
pelosi if you dont allow unvetted immigration well take away your guns
trump when democrats keep fucking around with border security national emergency modern solutions
bernie sanders first day as president plant magic trees to grow all free shit
bernie sanders campaign raised 1 million dollars 4 hours should redistribute 70 percent less privileged campaigns
real hate crimes against jews no attention fake jussie smollett story all microphones

Tweet of the Day

late to fight club missed intro rules it was brilliant highly recommend

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