02-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jussie smollett can finally sleep at night now that his attacker has been arrested
ocasio cortez jobs no paying people unwilling to work yes
bernie sanders if i have 1 dollar you have 20 now have 21 and you qualify for food stamps
che ocasio cortez economics tax revenues plus tax breaks equals 2 billion lost
bernie campaign sticker soviet 1917 revolution
kennedy ask not what country can do bernie who wants free crap
trump hard to believe american president has to fight government to protect americans
yall got any more of them white supremacist attacks
trump calls for end of homosexual persecution media blind birdbox
scooby doo taught us real monsters are always human
bill cosby jussie smollett prison
blasey ford then i saw men attacking jussie smollett donald trump brent kavanaugh

Tweet of the Day

charlie kirk tweet how does bernie own 3 homes honeymoon ussr never hold real job

If Socialists Where Honest About Their Platform

ocasio cortez dont you idiots get it cannot allow citizens to make good wage

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