02-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ocasio cortez socialists take everything but not illegal because they pass laws to do so first
introducing turn signals now standard equipment on all cars amaze your friends
only in socialism to you burn free stuff sent to save your starving people
fbi report shows armed citizens play key role stopping active shooters
trump made america so great even isis wives begging to come here
smollett even if just hoax we believe you msnbc cnn hollywood nyt
ocasio cortez controlling every aspect of your life were in charge democrats
trump still your president hair at oscars stage

Big Government/Socialism: the Great Destroyer

did you know facts about venezuela before socialism

Tweet of the Day

tweet if smollett really wanted to be hate crime victim should have wore maga hat

What?! Jacking Up Tax Rates Doesn’t Multiply Revenue?

states with large revenue declines ny nj ct ca ma

Quote of the Day

george orwell boy did i call it or what

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