02-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

yeah cohen secretly recorded clients disbarred sentenced to prison but everything he says about trump is true
grim reaper soviet union cuba venezuela united states
trump making history in korea need a distraction cohen
call it a hunch but think democrat designed this barrier on sidewalk
proposed second wall trump schumer pelosi bricked in
maga hat warning may lead to violence by tolerant left and falsely accused of hate crimes
clint eastwood back in my day we called climate change seasons
democrats moving far left off cliff sanders warren harris booker
nathans competitive eating sport needs to be drug tested for pot
unplanned 15 year old can have abortion but cant watch movie about it
michael cohen believe in working with democrats for shorter sentence just say your lines

Tweet of the Day

charlie kirk were told trump will wreck stock market economy isis north korea cant win election

Quotes of the Day

tribute to nancy pelosi quotes pass bill to see whats in it we dont have spending problem

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