03-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hillary clinton puppet lanny davis michael cohen trump racist con man
potential world peace media doesnt care disgraced felon all fake news attention
trump how do you sleep at night when people hate you naked with supermodel
rich people with power socialists sad with more power happy
every time come home dog runs like nail lift dirty dancing
obama more than half the country believe hating us is good politics i did that
you kids want some free college bernie 2020 old man
democrats free daycare college health care republican settle for free speech
me mirror others you look cute iphone self camera ugly shrek bitch
neither russia nor facebook affected my vote but democrats ensured never vote for them rest of life

It’s Scary Democrat Presidential Candidates Support This

green new deal 93 trillion or 600000 per household couldnt raise taxing every income level

Quote of the Day

michael cohen i lied but im not a liar

Tweet of the Day

bernie sanders met people with 300000 debt crazy could have went to community or state college

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