03-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tony soprano miss the goold ole days when everybody not overly sensitive pussy
omar some supporters to see you kkk nazi louis farahkkan
minimum wages career ladder cant reach rung
muslim hates jews gays bacon dogs everything about western culture complains about islamophobia
no-longer-democrats-vs-republicans its americans vs communists
hillary clinton not running for president but dont worry will be running my mouth everywhere
with your help tranform country bernie government bread lines
hillary clinton not running 2020 but not done suiciding fuckers
dog sleeping expectation vs realize
maga zine cant wait to see how they react to this trump
omar free pass to hate im the victim

Quote of the Day

these days more likely to realize american dream venezuela bernie sanders

Tweet of the Day

tweet what democrats are doing to trump is like cop pulling you over until find reason to arrest

Dems Speak Only of “Taxing the Rich”, But Then Always Proceed to Hit Everyone

Michigan Governor Plans Tripling of Gas Tax

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