03-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

have no problem with firearm background checks why not same for immigration voter id
make america great again stop voting democrat schumer pelosi watters warren bernie sanders
guy in snow how do you like coal oil now
democrat party quick cover up socialism for the people sign
trump shit like this why im going to win in 2020 pelosi ocasio cortez omar bernie socialism
hillary clinton if im indicted ill take half dc with me your terms are acceptable
liberals facts logic exotic dancers simpsons
psa is this your grandpa found on stage rambling about free health care bernie sanders
so democrats have been calling everyone nazis for 3 years but cant address anti semitism in own party

Tweet of the Day

tweet strange no one saw this coming 15 minimum wage job cuts donald trump jr

Quote of the Day

bret stephens young people never taught disagreement in free speech

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