03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ocasio cortez every proposal collect wealth phase 3 utopia
trump russia youll have a lot less flexibility after the election
cavemen ok were socialists and gone green now what
ocasio cortez pushing grandma pelosi down the stairs
ocasio cortez we just stole million dollars from poor people to make communism great again
maybe its time we home school kid lighting flag on fire
bernie sanders free stuff scooter on socialism truck
kaine holder bloomberg hillary not going away
msnbc cnn nbc democrats reject fox debates

Quote of the Day

fastest way to become enlightened is to argue with people on facebook buddha

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods alita battle angel vs captain marvel studio doesnt hate half audience

Well, They Already Have an Old Goat in the U.S. Senate

Nanny State: Vermont Town Elects Goat as Mayor

Other Links That May Interest You

Krugman: Anti-Semitism from Our Side Doesn’t Scare Me

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