03-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cbs nbc nyt msnbc abc look fox is right of center teeter totter
democrats stop foreign interference in elections let illegals vote
isis pedophile beat up republican free speech mob attack
obama trump is destroying my legacy thats why we elected him jackass
capitalism vs socialism turkey dinner branco
babylon bee exasperated olive garden bernie sanders wont stop eating free breaksticks
tshirt keep it up liberals this will be 2020 all red except california
nancy pelosi comparing cost of wall vs no wall
lori laughlin if you liked my full house show you'll the big house

Quote of the Day

tucker carlson movie tv writers not shocked by naughty words just pretend to be

Tweet of the Day

tweet democrats voted for illegal alien votes support russian witchhunt foreign election interference

Just Sayin…

omar still hasnt disavowed david duke

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