03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joins womens march to protest inequality bribes schools for inequality
be quiet everyone hes going to do something stupid drunk homer simpson
democrats race class gender trump is dividing america
whats in your wallet race card tool of intellectually weak who cant counter argument michelle obama
democrats orange man bad is not a political platform
i support free speech not hate speech physics not gravity
house democrats overwhelming vote favor of illegals voting foreign election interference
vodka because standards just dont lower themselves
ocasio cortez why did you finance death star congressional hearing

Tweet of the Day

tweet blexit black maga hat trump supporters

Message of the Day

doctors teachers trainers arent responsible you are

Quote of the Day

lenin if we can effectively kill national pride and patriotism propaganda we can succeed

Remember these RINOs in the Next Primary

republican rinos rejecting trump wall funding

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