03-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elizabeth i have zero sympathy for those involve in college admission scam
global warming not checked end of civilization by 2000 chicken little sky is falling
nurse youve been in coma since june 2016 cant wait to see russian collusion evidence
steve harvey name something triggers left trump patriotism tax cuts free speech red hats
don lemon if trump wins economy will crash 2019 trump has nothing to do with booming economy
back to future just got back from 2050 president barron trump announced end to mueller investigation
sally field got her kid into school old fashioned way forrest gump
trump taco bell is not mexican neither is beto
democrats refunds smaller now they expect you to do math

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk beto for america for all website

Quote of the Day

william durant political machine succeeds because united while majority are divided

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