03-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i have no problem helping needy however issue with funding lazy
democrats trump guilty of collusion lets move on trump guilt of obstruction
leftists like oh look a pony trojan horse
ocasio cortez someone should have told me siphoning campaign funds was illegal
paying taxes to government represents foreigners taxation without representation
why democrats are desperate for illegals 16 year old votes jexodus blexit
cutting to front of line takes spot away from someone tried to do right way school scandal illegal aliens
mitt romney political cannibal
comparison 18000 muslim terrorist actions 1 christian microphones

I’m Sure That $15/Hour Minimum Wage Will Work Fine Though

Burger-Flipping Robot Begins First Shift

Tweet of the Day

tweet daily reminder ocasio cortez is liar ban muslim nations

Quote of the Day

tweet donald trump united nations womens right welcomes iran

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