03-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

adam schiff ill take wasting taxpayer money over letting trump fix country
nancy pelosi alway supported age 16 voting teen eating tide pod
democratic debate stage warren booker kamala harris joe biden
dog peeing on hillary sign
nancy pelosi teaching moderating class to children socialism now wealth tax
10 year challenge beto orourke napolean dynamite
if rich hollywood liberals buy college admission why couldnt rich drug dealers buy democrat politicians no wall
bernie sanders then shower door shouted this is maga country
justice jeanine silenced by cair injustice silencing

Quote of the Day

quote oreilly so omar can question motives of israel but pirro cant question omars motives

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods dear nancy pelosi ms13 accussed of stabbing 16 year old 100 times

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