03-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i feel so safe with you bernie sanders emptying wallet
daughter what does penetrating gays mean
fox news top ratings fire judge jeanine hire donna brazille crash
green new deal gilligans island no food lights motor car not a single luxury
love my white privilege working all day night to pay taxes support illegals
how long human can survive without brain google ocasio cortez
isis fertile ground minnesota garden
betty white so old she starred on 7 season tv show about being old before most born
beto orourke drunken accidents like kennedy culture like warren married money like kerry
mainstream media interrupt great economic news trump is racist white nationalist

Two Systems of Justice

lorette lynch clinton meeting lisa page said obama doj ordered no hillary prosecution

Quote of the Day

teddy roosevelt complaining without solution is whining

Tweet of the Day

tweet how did david hogg who couldnt get into public college get into harvard with 1270 sat score

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