03-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

send nudes camera bear
modern good samaritan write law to force health insurance obamacare
speaking to left wing activist protest against rape homophobia sexism within muslim culture graph
neat fact picture id is required to attend democrat convention in milwaukee
when i hear someone say government would never do that tuskegee other operations
help me i ms13 was separated from my parents at border
obama appointed 2 supreme court justices but trump does and now they want to change number justices
anybody notice electoral college wasnt problem for 240 years until hillary lost
this is why electoral college is needed almost all red

Quote of the Day

clint eastwood if could reason with democrat wouldnt be any

Tweet of the Day

tweet mike huckabee beto excuse for child murder stories i was 16 but lets lower voting age

Just Saying…

democrats pack supreme court change age voting rid electoral college how about better ideas

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