03-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

milton office space i was told thered be collusion with russia
democrats were gonna need a bigger hoax jaws
would you kindly fix road taxed to fix using car income home taxed
aldis has barbequed grills for 25 cents cart
leftists feel same about wealth as guns ok for them to have but not you
hillary clinton it must really suck to cheat promise everything still lose to trump
different viewpoint it invaded her mind challenged her thinking
relax idiots its just a fucking hat maga
time magazine ocasio cortez im the boss over trump
trump heres mueller report now kiss my ass blank pages

Just Saying…

since 1976 us presidents declared 59 national emergencies only when protecting us did congress reject

Tweet of the Day

tweet beth stuckey if masculinity toxic kids without dads wouldnt be more depressed aggressive criminal

Since the Non-FNC Media Won’t Cover It

dnc fusion gps steele fbi trump wiretap explained

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Ted Koppel: NY Times, Washington Post Decided as Organizations to Destroy Trump
Brent Bozell: Tech Liberal Bias ‘Biggest Threat to Liberty in History’

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