03-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

new york times were sorry my president
okay your move checkers gop vs democrat spikes grenade gun helmet
all democrats must be accompanied by an adult
obama yes i ordered justice department not to prosecute hillary and frame trump whatcha gonna do
slavery reparations was your mother grandmother greatgrandma a slave for what then
liberals no problem ellen making 65 million but ceo employing 5000 people is problem
mueller democrats now say im a russian agent
ocasio cortez airplanes car ride election laws miss questions on cow flatulence
finally found scroll of truth there was no collusion you delusional idiots
how many russians to make hillary lose election none
farley remember time you tried to frame trump russia and he humiliated you again hillary

Excellent Summary of the Playbook

tweet russian hoax is what left is all about create narrative stoke fear smear anyone who challenges it

Tweets of the Day

mueller report is in turns out nigerian maga hats hacked dnc shirtless on horseback with putin
tweet charlie kirk now what will media focus on economy isis destroyed

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