03-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Ever wonder what would happen if the national media and government Deep State investigated liberal Democrats as fanatically as they do anyone conservative or libertarian? Imagine if the scandals of Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, and others received even .01 percent of the resources put in to try to destroy Donald Trump?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hillary im so sad about bob muellers approaching suicide
trump now investigate real criminals obama hillary soros comey
bob mueller as the waterboy liberal tears bucket
trump with tin foil brigade hate colbert comey odonnell schiff maddow
liberals trying to explain no evidence of collusion still evidence
rachel maddow imagine crying because your president didnt commit treason
whoopi goldberg trump should be waterboarded to see how terrorists feel she should be beheaded feel what victims feel
i told you so doesnt cut it for mueller investigation
please dont rush to judgement on mueller report need to hear what de niro alyssa milano first
im offended liberal change your mind desk
only evidence of trump speaking with russian agent hillary clinton

Just Saying…

us 3rd in world in murders if you remove 5 biggest cities fally to 189 all strict gun control laws

Tweets on the 2+ Year Destroy-Trump Effort

hands up don't shoot russiagate kavanaugh all lies told by same people
tweet charlie kirk number of post nyt cnn msnbc russia stories
tweet trump jr number of subphoenas agents etc
tweet buck sexton hard to overstate recklessness of obama cia director suggesting trump russian agent
tweet kirk who could survive this big of investigation obama hillary schiff lynch

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