03-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rachel maddow chris farley remember no indictments cried on air
adam schiff fit mueller a russian spy
cant wait for democrat debates
nike releases new air avenattis prison shoes
why wont businesses pay living wage because you voted to mass import people who work for less
blue deer male kid notices antlers
democrats next fabricated scandal
its the democrat way endlessly pursue fake crimes if disagree let actual crimes slide if fit narrative
obama card get out of jail free card jussie smollett
how to you plead black gay trump hater friend of obama innocent
ocasio cortez green new deal voted down unanimously

Wasting Your Tax Dollars

The U.S. was building efficient railroads almost 200 years ago, but get government involved on what should be simple, and everything goes to hell. I’m sure they’ll do fine, though, when they take over the health care system.

How a Train Through Paradise Became $9 Billion Debacle
After Major Cost Overruns and Delays, CA Gov Scales Back Plans for High-Speed Rail

Quote of the Day

when debate is lost slander becomes tool of losers socrates mainstream media

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk illegals shouldnt be counted in census gives california 9 electoral votes

Other Links That May Interest You

16 Media “Bombshells” that Turned Out to be False on Russia Investigation
Political Weaponization of Justice Department & Intelligence Agencies Can’t Be Ignored
Leftist Privilege Saved Jussie Smollett – Rush Limbaugh
Democrats Refuse to Stand By Green Deal – 0 Votes, Conservatives Respond

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