03-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

im offended you cant say that can did and will again archie bunker
lori laughlin id like to speak to jussie smolletts attorney
bern baby burn fiscal inferno bernie sanders
ocasio cortez rallies against capitalism has iphone starbucks movada watch
dead horse russian collusion democrats
nancy pelosi literally running biggest shithole in the us
thank you jussie smollett for proving white privilege is a myth
mueller done fishing russian collusion democrats all still
trump hey patriot tired of winning yet
breaking trump may have ties to usa
forrest gump not smart man rachel maddow know what collusion is

Tweets of the Day

james wood tweet judge who sealed jussie smollett case

tweet fun math problem russian collusion investigation

tweet george soros donated to smollett ag

tweet james woods now maybe jussie smollett can help oj look for nicole killer

tweet smollett staged hate crime northam advocated for infanticide leftist privilege

Quote of the Day

people provoke you to bring out ugly side then play victim john wick

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