03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

might be asshole but return my cart when done lazy piece of shit
are voter id laws racist or racist to assume blacks cant get id
found key to happiness surround with animals stay away from idiots
mitt romney im republican warren i have more indian blood in me
dont always get off multiple felonies but when is do remove russian from headlines
job creators network billboard ocasio cortez no votes green deal
there is democrat privilege in america change my mind
what is collusion lynch clinton obama brazille media
obama need you to act outraged smollett rahm emanuel yes daddy

It Just Gets More Insane Everyday

Smollett’s Attorney: MAGA Attackers May Have Wore ‘Whiteface’
Jussie Smollett Up For NAACP ‘Image’ Award

Tweets of the Day

tweet barr cant read 300 pages 48 hours comey can read 650000 emails week same media
tweet kim foxx kamala harris helped me reform cook judicial system
tweet larry elder smollett naacp award oj not available

Quote of the Day

good way to prepare yourself for parenthood talk to rocks

Other Links That May Interest You

Alan Dershowitz: CNN ‘banned’ Me Because I Didn’t Conform to One-Sided Mueller Reporting
Global Warming Cancelled: Greenland Glacier Has Expanded
Eric Holder on MAGA: “Exactly When Did You Think America Was Great?”

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