03-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

putin thank you cnn msnbc abc nyt post for helping me destabilize america
liberal privilege hillary clinton jussie smollett
dog on scope sniper are you looking at squirrel again
mueller report subpoenas search warrants witnesses schiff i still have evidence collusion
sam kinison say it maddow trump is my president
cow heard green new deal voted down is it safe to fart now
schiff creek no integrity paddle cnn wapo nyt msnbc npr cbs abc
holding admitted female criminals cardi b to same standard as males we dont do that here
rosanne vs jussie smollett show comparison fired working

Way to Go Bernie!

Bernie Sanders praised Venezuela for making socialist reforms, now….

bernie tweet cost of finland health care government collapses

Quote of the Day

there is no healing until media democrats acknowledge behavior

Tweets of the Day

dr dre bragged about kid usc on merits he donated 70 million
tweet democrats before after 2016 election mueller report
tweet new left insanity blame trump for jussie smollett faking hate crime
tweet onion must close parody is dead jussie smollett

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