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04-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

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There is no more fascist, anti-democratic place in the world than Hollywood. Far-left ideology has so infected the population that entertainment is an afterthought. Alternative thinking is simply not allowed. Political moderation, libertarianism, praise of capitalism, and especially social conservatism, are all taboo. How do they enforce this? There are a number of ways. First, if you parrot the liberal talking points, you’re praised and more likely to win awards, while you become a social outcast if you show a hint of moderation. Second, you simply don’t get hired for acting jobs if you deviate from leftist talking points. This is especially frightening for actors and actresses that often need hundreds of auditions to get the smallest of roles. Third, movies that take the conservative or libertarian side of any political issue are viciously attacked and suppressed by Hollywood and their Leftist allies. Take the recent anti-abortion movie Unplanned. Lifetime, HGTV, Hallmark, non-FNC cable news, and big tech companies, among others, are all refusing paid advertising because they fear the organized boycott backlash if they do. Though, the same places have no problem running leftist political ads. Twitter, in addition, “accidentally” suspended the Unplanned twitter account so no tweets could be seen. Next, the Hollywood Movie Picture Association gave the film an R rating despite no nudity, violence, or sex. This was a direct shot at the intended audience group–young girls who may be considering an abortion. The message is clear–Americans cannot be allowed to see the film! I’m personally not religious nor rabid pro-life by any means, but I am passionate about allowing people to hear all sides of the issues. This is simply not an option in Hollywood, and it is the main reason why the people there have politically moved to the left of Karl Marx and Josef Stalin.

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