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04-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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All the attention lately for Joe Biden’s affectionate style has been good for laughs and memes, but my first thought about this is why now? The guy has been in politics for decades, including eight years as vice-president. If he was really some kind of sexual predator, don’t you think it would have come out years ago? This has all the makings of a coordinated political hit job from far-left elements in the Democratic party. It would explain the media’s willing complicity. If you look at Joe Biden compared to the other 2020 Democratic candidates, first, he is probably the most moderate and down-to-Earth; i.e. he’s not radical and socialist enough! Second, he’s an old, white man. So it will be difficult to play up identity politics when their candidate is a member of their enemy #1 demographic. No, the powers that be have decided Joe Biden must be taken out now so the rest of the socialist whack jobs can battle it out.

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