04-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gas vs electric car feel dirty feel clean
how biden must run in 2020 to stay out of trouble cone head
i wish had infinity money go to room bernie sanders
sign defend my country used to be called patriotism now its called racism
venezuela lose arms eat cats dogs fired upon to stop from receiving aid
democrats beto looks like bobby drives like teddy kennedy
that one time joe biden kept hands to himself hillary clinton

Best of Sports Signs

sign even forrest gump got into bama
sign guy behind me cant see
sign im surprised leafs have website considering trouble 3 wwws together
sign marry me aaron rodgers i dont know him
sign 1 bj better than 9 yanks any day

Tweet of the Day

tweet dan borgino liberal line lets have a conversation absurd idea cant defend details of

Quote of the Day

thomas sowell those with money power turn people against each other

Other Links That May Interest You

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