04-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

this is bill nothing to do with slavery cory booker can suck bills balls
pelosi illegals in my neighborhood no supposed to be your neighborhood

sanctuary majors stopping bus trump driving illegal aliens

james comey i did not have spying relations with that surveillance
ilhan omar receiving death threats just some people saying something
relax liberals your first female president is coming soon candace owens

immigrants stay in mexico evaluate status 9th circuit cant do that trump response
mfw i realize 9th circuit judges live sanctuary cities

joined christian mingle jesus in the streets satan in the sheets

Media: “Trump Continues to Lie About Kids in Cages Under Obama!”

delusional democrats see picture obama dhs secretary observing kids in cages

Tweets of the Day

tweet kamala harris rent relief act extra money will just go to government
tweet charlie kirk party that stayed silent griffin waters madonna
tweet hillary clinton game of thrones like life show where kill all political opponents

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