04-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

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cher if i could turn back illegals not in my sanctuary city
bill clinton then i told hillary of course ill stay faithful when youre in prison
how to make millions selling socialism to idiots bernie sanders
greatest mistake in history was allowing government to educate our children
donald trump what kind of monster would want to secure border raise gdp take down dc corruption
trump is dictator say aoc pelos omar what energy you can use guns newborn lives allowed to make
how illegal immigrants see the world globe usa
when people tell us memes are offensive i can go lower
bernie sanders millionaire puzzled asked if he would pay own tax

Quote of the Day

quote difference master and beginner master has failed more times than beginner tried

Tweets of the Day

tweet being fat std pregnant flunking not your fault being ancestor half century ago yes
tweet crowder imagine redneck blamed jews married sister now muslim woman omar

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