04-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

peeps police lineup ok this is bullshit
candace owens havent seem democrats this mad at black woman since rosa parks
10 kids can pick up 5000 eggs in football field in 10 minutes 3 months to pick up 5 toys in bedroom
wish muslim congresswomen happy easter
beto can get 2 cents on health care another charitable contribution
mueller report machine fake news cnn nyt nbc abc post abc
nadler bend over trump opposition research for 2020 probe
democrat party turned trump guilty dont care about mueller dont focus on issues
lgbt supporter liberty guns bacon trump
now democrats want to investigate investigators who investigated
only thing trump obstructed was a coup by the deep state

Tweets of the Day

tweet elle woods excuse legally blonde like cnn analyst
tweet james woods bernie sanders shown fold if price right hillarys bitch

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