04-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

aoc parrot squawking media she is great pelosi try living with her
mitt romney im a republican stormy danields im a virgin
democrats need to offer policies americans embrace socialism open borders high taxes
pothead when you realize next year all april is 4 20
only appropriate paint job for smart car fisher price
jeopardy this religion celebrates birth of jesus in december hillary santa worshipers
rachel maddow trump should be impeached for interferring with fbi attempt to frame him
elmer fudd be very quiet talking about muslims killing people in churches against community standards

We Don’t Know Nothin’ About No Stinkin’ “Talking Points” or “Narratives”

50 democrat quotes leave out christian as victims

Tweet of the Day

tweet hillary clinton easter worshippers corrected

Pot Meet Kettle

hillary clinton anyone other than trump indicted for obstruction ironic

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell should not be surprised left in institutions where ideas dont have to work to survive

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