04-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

indoctrinates students about capitalism requires 900 dollars textbooks
chuck schumer cartel pays big bucks to keep border open
your house on socialism compared to politicians house
zuckerberg just checking to see if i need to disable anyones account
son asked why speak softly in house nsa listening we laughed alexa laughed
boo barr rats are running scared hillary brennan clapper comey mueller
obama snake my administration was scandal free uranium one benghazi solyndra fast furious

Sound Familiar?

cuban propaganda free health care right to work not communist

Tweet of the Day

tweet welcome to 30s cauliflower substitute replaced all the carbs you love only job is watching shows about murder

Quote of the Day

thomas sowell amazing people think can add government adminster to cost of health care

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