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05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Liberals regularly talk about excessive profits made by banks, health care businesses, and oil companies, but they never say anything about the price gouging coming from the education textbook cartels. Colleges and professors keep the racket going by requiring the purchase of these overpriced books, when you can get a full education on almost any subject free with nothing more than an internet connection, using sites such as,,,, and countless others. Textbook price gouging is big business. Two of the biggest educational companies, McGraw-Hill and Centage, recently merged, creating a juggernaut with annual revenue of $3.2 billion! Imagine what would happen to the costs of textbooks if education were truly a free market industry without government interference. Imagine what would happen if government offers to provide “free” college to everyone.

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More Evidence Trump is Clearly Executing Putin’s Master Plan…

Destroying a Country 101

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