05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

redacted barr testimony those clinging to mueller report are bleep blank
conservatives care about who you are leftists about what you are change my mind
bumper sticker cant feed them dont breed em government not your baby daddy
stop trying to explain economics to bernie sanders supporters not going to happen mean girls
celebrities moving to canada if trump elected whoopi rosie cher jonathon steward al sharpton were waiting
voting for more free government services tax spanking machine
barr congress clowns should have attorney speak to save integrity
joe biden receives call from dead and out of office margaret thatcher

Tweets of the Day

tweet remember when kathy griffin banned for tweeting severed head of trump me either
600 people at biden rally 600 in line at bathroom of trump rally

Quote of the Day

quote im still presidents wing man attorney general eric holder obama

Other Links That May Interest You

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