05-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ms 13 i have a child titanic
facebook police just won argument with liberal give him 30 days
baby doctor sorry dont know if boy or girl have to wait until it decides
feel the burn free std check bernie sanders sign
were only species drinks milk during infancy also peach mango kale smoothies leave me alone
bert plus ernie equals bernie sanders sesame street
free speech cafe youtube facebook google twitter no conservatives allowed

Thank You Mainstream Media and Public Education System

greatest marketing scam world socialism being sold as liberalism bernie sanders

Quote of the Day

big difference between letting kids be kids and letting kids be little assholes

Tweet of the Day

dating is like duck duck goose pick someone run away from commitment captain tweet

It’s No Comparison

there are winners trump tiger woods and losers colin kaepernick

Other Links That May Interest You

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