05-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

archie bunker face you make when someone says is offended
hows kids became legends before all you pansies came along bike jump
palestine attacks israel omar all smiles israel defends itself frown
why no one has overdosed on marijuana lost lighter ordered pizza fell asleep
winners arent losers trump reading to hillary clinton
sign best things about public pubic schools
cnn biden is trumps anticipated and feared rival laughter
tell them its not spying its democratic spying bernie obama hillary clinton
joe biden to margaret thatcher ill have more flexibility after we impeach reagan
clinton on trump what kind of genius loses a billion dollars hillary losing campaign cost 1.2 billion

Conservative Censorship Update

facebook bans milo not kathy griffin

Tweet of the Day

tweet michael moore on venezuela hugo chavez

Quote of the Day

quote term limits increase likelihood congress plan return to private sector have to live laws they create

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