05-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

matrix take red pill or blue pill find out obama orchestrated who russian collusion
2020 democrat hopefuls were going to need a bigger clown car
schumer what should we do report shows no russian collusion hillary switch to trump tax returns
islam running over women and gays liberals pussy hats hijabs pride parades buffett
barr spygate investigation democrats nadler get in mud with us
i had amazing dream last night fbi arrests hillary clinton
brian williams was with joe biden when thatcher asked him to run
barr that face you make when criminals questioning your integrity
media when hamas attacks vs when israel responds

Tech Censorship Update

facebook swat team arrests man in possession of illegal conservative views

Quote of the Day

media went from denying spying to mocking it to spinning it as good think trump jr

Tweets of the Day

tweet facebook instagram jones milo loomer robinson banned hamas permitted
tweet bongino insane democrats wont read full or redacted mueller report
tweet nadler walkout 2012 protesting holder held in contempt

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