05-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

high tech resistance censorship affects every potential post withheld

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

youre dads a liberal happy mothers day to him clint eastwood
israel palestine negotiations 2014 death to all jews vs now with trump youre fired
optimist glass half full pessimist half empty liberal racist
trump train economy vs democrats hitching ride socialism
for 2 years clowns acosta maddow mathews accused trump of collusion now obstruction of fake accusations
when life is hard but trying to be healthy vodka in salad
wanted poster william bar for upholding the rule of law nadler
cnn its trumps fault for layoffs not us
foghorn langhorn spanking dog barr spanking democrats

Tweet of the Day

tweet commercial for college person shoveling money into furnace something better

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