05-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

A tariff is a tax, so if Trump is raising tariffs, he’s increasing taxes. Have you noticed the mainstream media has suddenly discovered higher taxes lead to higher prices for consumers and are generally bad for the economy? Why didn’t they make this argument when Obama was raising taxes, or when Trump cut income taxes last year? The differences are 1) it’s an easy way to do a hit piece on Trump, and 2) the tariffs are a tax are their ideological communist buddies in China, whereas the other taxes were directly on Americans. So, who do you think the media is looking out for, you or foreign powers?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bernie sanders no one can live on 7.50 per hour so raise to 15 and tax 50% so left problem solved
trump makes jujizu racist move on sharpton jessie jackson
congress if only another source of energy sitting on barrel of oil
king solomon sword to split baby pro choice let him decide
rigged elections gave hillary debate answers dead people vote tapped trumps phone still lost
anthony weiner face you make when released from prison and alyssa milano called for sex strike
liberal women for abstinence sex strike branco
alyssa milano ever been so woke that you threatened the religious right with abstinence
alyssa milano not having sex so dont get pregmant fairy godmother you had that power all along

Tweet of the Day

tweet thomas sowell living constitution

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul libertarian actually allows socialism but doesnt work must force on people

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