05-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thinking about losing weight which is most effective paleo keo mediterranean socialism
hello hillary uber is here prison bus trump
bill bye only 90s kids will remember gender is determined by your chromosomes
im republican because not everyone can be on welfare sign truck
obama so there i was setting up economic miracles for the next president
bathroom men women democrats problem solved
democrats stop attacking our guys maga hats we dont attack yours wearing dresses
it burns bread if put it at 4 perfect make it go to 8
empire just cancelled hope jussie smollett doesnt beat himself about it
men shouldnt be making laws about womens bodies someone want to tell alabama governor is woman

Tech Fascism By Design

Facebook Includes Candace Owens On Its ‘Hate Agents’ List

Quote of the Day

as a libertarian dont care what you do marry smoke but pay for it yourself

Tweets of the Day

grumpy cat i have information lead to arrest conviction hillary clinton
tweet pearson white guilt is racist dont feel sorry for me because im black you never owned slaves

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