05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Words are a potent weapon in politics, especially when you have a lapdog compliant media supporting one party. Regardless of evidence or facts, trigger words can be thrown out such as “investigation”, “subpoena”, “corruption”, “indictment”, “cover up”, “impeachment”, and so on. All you have to do is keep repeating the words, which allows headlines to be printed with the trigger words plus an endless echoing from the internet and mainstream media. Soon enough, the words are attached to the enemy politician and become part of their characterization. It helps a lot that half the public doesn’t pay close to enough attention to the facts to know the stories are pure bullshit. Unfortunately, this strategy gave the Democrats a midterm election victory, so there’s no reason for them to change their ways.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mueller no evidence big foot is real democrats so he is real
we want government to control health care bans abortion liberals no
mueller i will resign return to private life liberal scream ha ha
how to do communism cycle utopia fails wasnt real communism
left isnt banning hate speech banning speech they hate
i will argue with anyone about anything sign desk
bad timing news soldiers girl scouts new sales campaign
white guilt running on empty didnt own slaves died in civil war voted for freedom
alyssa milano calls jon voight washed up actor 26 awards 5 billion vs 20 year old tv show

Tweet of the Day

tweet our son asked where babies come from too young mom fucked a stork

Quote of the Day

quote if you had 86400 someone stole 10 how upset like seconds in day

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