05-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chick fil a now cleaner and more drug free due to recent liberal boycott
nancy pelosi democrats noose lynch mob trump wants doover
obama congratulations worst president ever carter passing on award
carrots improve vision but alcohol will double it
neighbors liberal democrats powerwash street trump 2020
turns out al bundy became best dad over cosby father knows best
how to say fuck you in a nice way learn to communicate better
joe biden i put yall back in chains 1994 crime bill superpredator
mueller no collusion no corruption no questions resigns conspiracy theory bye bye
mueller not not guilty until proven innocent witch hunt torch passed to nadler

Lesson of the Day

hitler vs schindler legal vs illegal reminder not always measure of right or wrong

Quote of the Day

sign trust me you can dance vodka

Tweet of the Day

tweet climate of intimidation created by left against trump supporters

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