06-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

schumer illegals perform tasks true americans would never do voting for democrats
barack in black look into forget weaponing government
when you see guatamalans coming over border and senor trump 5 percent tariff
democrats pouring out full glass optimist pessimist
ocasio cortez im socialists my ideas are bold fresh soup kitches forcing people into compliance
mueller didnt prove trump was not guilty therefore he is guilt

Random Thought of the Day

Try to think back to any international dispute where the U.S. has a conflict with a foreign power; e.g. a trade dispute, a military action, a disagreement at the U.N., etc.; can you think of one time in your lifetime–just ONE single instance–where a liberal, Democrat, or member of the mainstream media advocated for America’s side of the dispute?

Tweet of the Day

tweet if democrats caught lying change wording

More Liberal Double-Standards

bill clinton vs donald trump electoral college votes percentages
Note: Hillary didn’t win majority of the 2016 vote either (48.1%), the rest went to third parties.

Quote of the Day

quote in 1 school year 7800 hours home 900 hours at school who is more accountable

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