06-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

barr we have yet to find proof obama innocent of spying benghazi irs targeting email epa solyndra
keeps mans knees from touching balls trudeau vs trump
life behind bars dogs doggy style
queen england excellent no penis melania trump that last one was train wreck
biden im all for making minimum wage 15 like bernie obama said wage
entire russian collusion leads back to this narcissistic asshole obama
oh look every morning its the same media outrage

Random Thought of the Day

Over the last year I’ve read or heard the term “far right” about 1000 times in political stories. Can you think of ONE time the term “far left” was used in the mainstream media? Could it be because they’re at the far liberal left and view themselves as the noble, balanced middle? Often, the term “far right” is applied to a group solely because they show patriotism and love for their own country. Communist Active Measures have scored perhaps their biggest victory against the West in the Cold War by turning all the major influencers (mainstream media, educational system, and movie/TV industry) into anti-American socialists.

Tweet of the Day

tweet if upset about 5 percent increase on avocados but not 100 billiion illegal aliens check your math

The World We Live In

white people the only race you can legally discriminate against

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