06-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

liberal government stay out of my vagina i want government health care
if climate change real why is florida still giving 40 year mortgages
transrepublican identifies as republican but really a democrat

path of inner peace 4 words not my freaking problem
you cant find happiness bottom of beer whos happy when they run out of beer
why do we celebrate dday coming together 75 years what will we celebrate

Should Be Top National Issue in Next Presidential Election

stacked bar graph us debt accumulated by president obama trump bush clinton

Tweet of the Day

tweet for first time in life can whip batmans ass robert pattinson

Friendly Reminder

china didnt have to steal this technology clintons sold it to them

Solitary at Rikers for Refusing to Make Up Stuff About Trump

Why is Paul Manafort off to Rikers? Prepare to be shocked (and outraged) – Alan Dershowitz

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