06-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

perhaps if hearing crazy voices you should turn off cnn news therapist
calvin hobbes nothing says womens rights like letting 200 lb man compete in woman event
how many donuts sugar in drink coke orange juice energy drink
we dont have wifi talk to each other pretend its 1995
husband almost fell downstairs was gasp from worry or possible life insurance payout
impeach yelling in ear of nancy pelose dont listen to them hurt in next election

facebook google amazon controlling your lives government jealous

Big Tech Censorship Update

This is THE biggest threat to American democracy and freedom.

Google Fires Another Conservative Employee Who Spoke Out Against Company’s Bias

Food for Thought

3 black men different positions in america race doesnt define lawyer cop criminal

Tweet of the Day

tweet sponge bob square rooms pineapple under the sea

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