06-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

assault rifle term liberals use to describe scary looking guns dont want guy trying to kill you be scared
mickey mouse government promises vs reality
great head hair salon sign
please dont enter sign will be injured sue this sign will be exhibit 1
angels made create bring unconditional love and job satan cat
penny ocasio cortez no cents
so youre telling me that disney wont make kids movies in georgia unless they agree to continue killing unborn kids

trump to mexico stop illegals or get tariffs deal reached on catch and release defunds cartels democrats sad

Leftist Playbook of Last Century – Manufacture Crises to Destroy Capitalism

1989 un article climate change end of world if rising sea levels not reversed by 2000

Tweet of the Day

tweet white people made life miserable mentioned you in meeting afraid you may blame self

Other Links That May Interest You

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