06-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The most basic principle of psychology is Operant Conditioning, which says that behavior which is rewarded tends to be repeated, while behavior that is punished tends to cease. If you focus on that principle, it’s clear that socialistic government systems are doomed to fail. The reward/incentives are basically taken away, while those who don’t work as hard, or at all, still have a safety net. So, why would people bust their ass working extra hours if they don’t enjoy the fruits of their labor? Why would anyone pay hundreds of thousands for advanced degrees when their income is capped? Why would anyone invest money in risky start-ups or business expansion when the government takes so much of their returns that they’re net earnings aren’t much more than a basic bank CD? For a socialist government to survive long-term they MUST become more oppressive or even violent. Without built-in incentives within the economic system, government must FORCE people to do the things necessary for survival. This provides the explanation for why every socialist state like Venezuela goes from Utopian vision to brutal oppressive government. It’s sad countries continue to make the same mistakes with the rationale being “the right people weren’t in charge” or “the other examples weren’t ‘real’ socialism.”

11 Reasons Government is Less Efficient Than the Private Sector

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

capitalism doesnt work people are selfish socialism everyone will work for common good karl marx
i want the truth facebook keeps banning the truth few good men
glaciers national park increase 25 percent aoc ocasio cortez climate change denier i agree joe biden
wife bag used clothes to donate husband if can fit into not starving
front runners biden bernie warren scooters tricycle buttigieg

The Conservative/Libertarian Purge Continues

trump train group removed from facebook

Quote of the Day

hard work beats talent when talent does work hard

Tweets of the Day

tweet france has lourve what does us have flag on moon back to back world war championships bass pro shops
tweet candace owens 2020 democrats i hate trump mostest not a platform

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