06-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

1984 fahrenheit 451 brave new world venn diagram you are here
why are people using examples from fiction war won women real life examples muslims
your nudes wont impress me change my mind
without straight people you wouldnt exist thank one today
were protesting because donald trump is not mentally stable
charlie brown can you imagine if we spoke out against radical left yeah 30 days facebook jail
secret republican plan let democrats speak
drop out of high school live paycheck to paycheck masters degree same thing

Random Thought of the Day

Almost all Democrats, and quite a few Republicans, have gone to almost ridiculous lengths to avoid securing the border. The most obvious reasons cited are denying President Trump a political victory and securing future Democratic voters. But just speculating, could it be to purposely help the group that most benefits from weak borders — drug cartels? The criminal muscle and billions of annual income could easily be used to fund campaigns and intimidate political enemies. That got me thinking, everyone seems to have forgotten about the Fast & Furious scandal, in which the Obama administration provided guns to drug cartels, supposedly to track the guns, then when caught, used Attorney General Eric Holder to stonewall the investigation, which the lapdog mainstream media had no interest in pursuing. Could it be the real purpose of providing guns was repaying their allies? Also, do you remember the HSBC money laundering scandal, which was one of the subjects covered by the Netflix documentary Dirty Money? To summarize the scandal, the international bank HSBC laundered billions in drug cartel money, yet basically escaped with a slap-on-the-wrist fine. The scandal occurred during the Obama administration and was settled under Attorney General Eric Holder. The Director of the FBI investigating the case was none other than Robert Mueller. Future Director James Comey was a member of the Board of Directors of HSBC. The attorney for the Eastern District of New York who secured the settlement was future Obama Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Am I the only one seeing these connections? I guess I’m one of those crazy “conspiracy theorists”. You know, that label the government and media created to discredit anyone raising questions and convince people not to listen?

Quote of the Day

quote sarah sanders sad day when mexican government do more for immigration than us congress

Tweets of the Day

tweet leftists want to make it taboo to be proud of our country believe in american exceptionalim dont let left shame you
tweet dear lgbt if you want to stop being treated special your sexual orientation not achievement

Media/Entertainment Industry: Were Aren’t Biased!

ever wonder why most beautiful first lady ever melania trump never featured media anywhere

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