06-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stephanapolous trump admits treason listeing foreigner
apple ceo coming up with price of next iphone math
farmer joes gym and tanning get workout of your life open 24 hours state of the art open air tanning
tweet be the villain you were meant to be succumb to the darkness this is surpringly motivating
men dont understand women but understand gauges they tell when something wrong

We Will Miss You!

sarah sanders warrior press secretary slaying jim acosta

Just Another DC Swamp Creature

joe biden 50 years in washington dc now hes going to fix things
joe biden secret to winning democrat primary be most insane worked for hillary

Tweets of the Day

tweet trump destroys democrats by sunlighting them showing who they really are
tweet ocasio cortez makes 174k true socialist would disperse equally among population

Quote of the Day

quote when you see liberals tearing down statues nazi confederates kkk can repeat history

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